Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take One — Day #5

This is day five of the Lisa Romeo emailed prompts (you can still sign up to get her writing prompt in your inbox; just click here). I've been very busy putting up my new freelancing Website , but I'm not going to break my resolution of 10 minutes of free writing every day. Starting now.

Prompt: Take One

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie? Lately, mine feels like a b-movie script on a straight to video project.

Scene 49, Take 1

Drama at home. Drama at work. So much drama, I keep waiting for the reviews to come out in the New York Times, but here's the problem. I am not the star. I am not the drama queen. I seem to be nothing but a bit player in my Lifetime Movie of the Week. 

For example, yesterday Dick lowered the boom on David and Richard's project. (Don't you just love that I have a boss named Dick?) No one was surprised, but the overacting from the two main characters brought eye rolls from the audience. "But, Di-ck," whined Richard. "We've been working on this project for just ages. Why now?"

Cut to Dick. "Because, Richard, I am not flushing one more solitary penny down this stink hole of a merger or collaboration or whatever it was. You have spent more time, more dollars and more of my office supplies on this turd that I care to think about. Done and done."

So, fine. Done and done. Cut to the staff meeting 20 minutes later, when I had to present the monthly figures on my own little project. Modest project, little income so far, but income nonetheless. And the profit is coming. It was all there in black and white, and I was going to be the star of my own little Powerpoint showing just what we can expect. But, nooo. Back to the David and Richard show we go. Dick spent the entire staff meeting on toilet analogies about their done-and-done project, and my Powerpoint was put on the back burner. 

"Just email it to me," Dick said as he left the meeting five minutes early. He had plans with D&R for lunch. He buys the potty boys lunch, but wants me to "just email" him about a month's worth of my work. Flush that.

Time: 10 minutes this time

What I've noticed about this free writing thing is that 10 minutes seems to be about the time it takes to write a scene. The characters pop pretty vividly into my mind and the scene unfolds. Interesting though they are on their own, I'm still struggling with the why of this kind of writing. Who are these people and why should I be writing about them? Will this really help me with my "real" writing. I'm already pretty fast. I can follow a scene down it's path. What does this free writing project bring to my palette? Should I be trying to tie these together? That doesn't seem right. Hmmm. More to ponder.

Hey, take a minute and check out the new Website .

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Lisa Romeo said...

It's so cool to see what you (and other writers) are doing with the prompts.

When I send them off to the email list each morning, I waver between thinking, "no one will like this one," and "this one ought to really get the words flowing."

The truth is probably in between and different for each writer on the list. Carry on!
And thanks for the folks who have found me via your blogs and posts.